Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boyfriend Murdered Pregnant Teen Becky Stowe (Rebecca Lynn Stowe)

When I first started researching this movie. This case kept popping up, and for a long time I thought maybe it could be the basis because it sounded so much like this true story. The dates were not correct so I knew that this one was not the basis, and had it not been for the email that I received as to the true basis of the story above, I would never have found it. This homicide case is that of Becky Stowe aka Rebecca Lynn Stowe. The show Unusual Suspects just profiled her case recently. Here is a picture of Becky. I thought you might be interested in comparing the two cases. The two stories are eerily similar. In fact, a psychic was instrumental in solving this case as well.

This case featured an all American football player who killed his pregnant girlfriend Becky Stowe. Becky Stowe was considered the girl from the other side of the tracks. Rob was dating another blonde cheerleader at the time. He was considered the boy next door. He was polite and mature for his age. When he found out that Becky was pregnant, he devised a plan to have her killed. Becki was missing for a couple of years before her body was found. He passed the polygraph test, and he even fooled police detectives. But, the help of a psychic helped reveal that Becki was murdered by a person with the name L. That man turned out to be Robbie Leaman. He finally confessed to murdering Becki. He was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

ROBERT EUGENE LEAMON is still in prison. Here is a recent photo of him along with some inmate info. And to think he was so close to getting away with